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Von'Taysha Jackson
Von'Taysha Jackson
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Following are a few strategic tips to use for a seamless experience as a Court Reporter and unaffiliated Participant on the Calloquy Platform. 

Before the Meeting

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  • Arrive and prepare set up at least 30 minutes early.
  • You will receive a meeting invite to your email if you are assigned as a Court Reporter in the Calloquy Platform. When you open the email, you will see an attachment. Open the attachment and save the invite to your calendar.
Accepting a Meeting and Adding it to your Calendar  
  • Before joining the meeting, check your Wi-Fi connections and make sure you allow your camera and microphone access via your Google Chrome browser. 
Manually Set Chrome Camera and Microphone Permissions  
  • Organize all received and related exhibits and artifacts before the start of the meeting.
Adding Documents to a Meeting

Adding Documents to a Case
  • Be sure to retrieve the Realtime Service session code and password before the deposition or arbitration. 

Connecting to Realtime Service



During the Meeting

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  • After everyone has joined the deposition, provide the session code and password via chat so that Participants can follow along on the Realtime transcript.
Connecting to Realtime Service  
  • Invite additional Participants to the meeting via the Add Participants option from the Participants list.
Adding Participants to a Meeting  
  • Start and stop the recording when the proceeding is on or off the record. Press the circle Record icon at the bottom of your screen to start and stop the recording appropriately.
Start and End Meeting Recordings  
  • Send the parties to their respective Breakout rooms by pressing the Breakout room icon at the bottom of the screen. You can set a time limit, and the rooms will be designated ahead of the proceeding. However, you can not enter Breakout rooms.
Creating a Breakout Room  
  • View, share and download exhibits and other artifacts from your screen as needed through the Screen Sharing option.
Access Evidence Uploaded to a Case

Sharing Documents while in a Meeting


After the Meeting

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  • Collaborate with other resources such as the Scopist and or Translator (when needed) to clean uncertified transcript.
Enabling Speech to Text in Real Time  
  • Upload transcript to RB Connect for final production and distribution. 

RB Connect


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