Joining a Meeting

Gabrielle Eusery
Gabrielle Eusery
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Have a meeting you need to attend? Here are the steps to join a meeting.

A list of your scheduled meetings will appear in the middle of your dashboard under the corresponding date. You can move between dates using the arrows beside the date.


1. Navigate to the Meeting that you want to join. If you hover over the meeting, you will see a Join Now button, which you can click to join. 

Note: The Join Now button when you hover over the meeting on your dashboard view appears only 15 minutes before the meeting's scheduled start time.

2. Click on the meeting. It will bring you to the Meeting page. On the left panel under the Meeting Summary tab, click the Join Meeting button.

3. After selecting Join Meeting you will be prompted to verify your Name, Company, Title, Role, and an alternative Call Me number. On this same page, you can toggle audio and video settings as well as acknowledge the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

4. After filling out these fields, you can then select Call Me & Join Meeting or Join Meeting with Computer Audio. (This is the recommended option.)


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