Scheduling a Mediation

Austin Dryden
Austin Dryden
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Need to schedule a mediation? Learn how with these steps. 

Scheduling the Meeting

1. From the Calloquy Dashboard, click either of the buttons labeled Schedule a Meeting.

Or, from a case page, click the Schedule button.


Meeting Details

1. On the Schedule a Meeting page, fill out the all required information making sure to select Mediation as the Meeting Type and complete the other required fields. 

2. Once this form is filled out, click Schedule Meeting to move to the next step.


  • Using the Schedule button from within a case will pre-fill the Case Name field, and this will not be changeable.
  • If the No Case option is selected, the meeting type will not be changeable to Mediation until a case is selected.

Select Participants

1. From the Select Participants page, select who will be invited to the meeting. 

2. Once you have added all invitees, click Review Invite.


1.  Once you are sure the information is correct click the Schedule Meeting & Invite Participants button. The meeting will then be added to your Calloquy calendar, and invite emails will be sent.

Note: Participants can be added or removed once the meeting is scheduled, but invite emails cannot be unsent, so make sure to invite only those participants who should be invited.

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