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Von'Taysha Jackson
Von'Taysha Jackson
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First time in the Calloquy Platform? Here's your guide.

Home Page

1. Home: This is the default view that you will see after logging into the platform. This Home button will also take you back to the Home view if you are on another screen.

2. Cases: The Case view will show you all of your past and present cases as well as the meetings associated with the case.

3. My Org: Shows everyone in your organization who has a Calloquy account.

4. Help Center: This popup box will give you the option to view the Help Center, Report an Issue, Suggest a Feature, and view the Terms of Service and Calloquy’s Privacy Policy.

5. Schedule a Meeting: You can also select Schedule a Meeting from the right upper corner (#8). Both buttons let you schedule meetings quickly.

Here there are a few meeting options: Team Meeting that is not Case-Based, Case-Based Team Meeting, Arbitration, Deposition, and Mediation.

6. Add New Case: Just like Schedule a Meeting you can select Add New Case from the right upper corner (#9). 

7. Today: Takes you back to the current date quickly if you are viewing other dates.

8. Schedule Meeting

9. Add New Case

10. Profile: Any changes to a user's Profile will be done here.

11. Calloquy Bot: Calloquy Bot is where a user will ask questions pertaining to the platform. Users can also ask to live chat with a specialist.


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