Meeting Types Available in Calloquy

Von'Taysha Jackson
Von'Taysha Jackson
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Here are a list of all the meeting types available in the Calloquy application.


There are many types of meetings that can be scheduled within Calloquy, and this Knowledge Base article will discuss the types of meetings that can be scheduled, as well as what each one means.


The settling of a dispute out of court by presenting arguments to a person acting as arbitrator. The arbitrator’s decision may or may not be binding, depending on the situation.


Oral questions must be answered under oath. Depositions usually take place out of court, often in an attorney’s office with a court reporter transcribing the testimony. Attorneys from both sides must be present; both have the opportunity to ask questions. Depositions can be for the purpose of questioning the opposing party or for questioning witnesses.


A method of settling a dispute without going to court, in which a third party facilitates the opposing parties in finding a satisfactory resolution to their dispute.

Team Meeting

This type of meeting is just for your team to remotely discuss the case at hand without any outside individuals. This meeting type can be scheduled without a case. 


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