Adding & Deleting Exhibits from a Meeting

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To reveal exhibits during a meeting, the files must first be added to the meeting.


Adding Exhibits to a Meeting

1. From the Calloquy dashboard, navigate to the case associated with your scheduled meeting from the right-sided Your Cases section of the dashboard.


2. Once you are in the case summary, select the upcoming meeting from the right-sided Your Case Meetings sidebar.


3. From the meeting details page, click the Prepare Potential Exhibits button to the right of the window, below your avatar.

   Note: Adding documents to a meeting is available only for deposition and arbitration meeting types.


3. This will open the Upload/Select Documents dialogue box. If the exhibits associated with the case have already been uploaded, click the Select Documents tab.


4. Drag and drop files from the list of case documents to the list of documents for the meeting.


5. Click the Save button, and you will be redirected to the meeting's Document Vault to verify that all exhibits have been added to the meeting.


  • If any exhibits have not been added to the case and are missing from the meeting, repeat step 3 and click Choose Files to upload them from your computer.
  • Each documents is limited to an upload of one gigabyte and the following file types - pdf, jpg, png, tif, mp4, webm, mp3, wav, ogg, flac, bmp, wmf, emf, gif.


Deleting Exhibits from a Meeting


1. From the Cases page, navigate to the case that corresponds with the upcoming meeting that needs editing.


2. Once you're on the case details page, select the upcoming meeting from the right-sided Your Case Meetings panel.

*Note: Exhibits and documents cannot be removed nor deleted from past meetings.


3. From the Meeting Summary, click the Document Vault tab.


4. Click on the exhibit that you would like to edit, and select the three dots button from the right-sided document details to remove the exhibit(s) from the meeting or delete the exhibit(s) from the case.

* Note: The selected document(s) will be deleted and removed from the case vault and all meetings. To remove the selected document(s) from this meeting only, please use the “Remove From Meeting” option.


6. The Document Vault should now contain only the exhibits that need to be associated with the meeting.




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