Screen Sharing while in a Meeting

Von'Taysha Jackson
Von'Taysha Jackson
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Need to show others your screen during a meeting? Follow these steps.

1. To share your screen in a meeting, click the Screen Share button located on the bottom panel. (In a Deposition, the Witness role does not have access to this feature.)


2. When you choose to screen share, you will be prompted to choose what to share. Here you can choose to share your entire screen, a specific window, or a Chrome tab. Make your selection and click Share.


3. Once you click Share, your screen share selection will be shared with the meeting in our screen share window. If needed, you can click the Maximize button to have your shared screen fill the screen share window.


4. To stop sharing your screen, click the red Stop Share button.


Note: Both the screen share and your video feed will now display concurrently.  While presenting you will see your video feed default to the lower right corner of the screen share, but now you can move your video to another corner by clicking on carat next to the Start/Stop Video button in the meeting toolbar and selecting where you would like to be located on the shared screen. 


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