Scheduling a Team Meeting

Austin Dryden
Austin Dryden
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Need to meet with your colleagues? Learn how to schedule a team meeting in few, quick steps.


Calloquy lets you schedule multiple meeting types with your team, and with people outside your team. This article will focus on scheduling a Team Meeting.

There are three ways to schedule a meeting in Calloquy. Two of them can be accessed from the main Dashboard, and the third can be accessed from the main page of any specific case.

Setting up the Meeting

1. From the Calloquy Dashboard, click the Schedule a Meeting button.            

2. Select Case Name and give the meeting a title.

3. Select the Date and Time of the meeting.

4. Select Team Meeting for Meeting Type.

5. Click Schedule Meeting.


  • Using the Schedule button from within a case will pre-fill the Case Name field, and this will not be changeable.
  • If a team meeting is scheduled, and the No Case option is selected, you will not be prompted to select invitees and will be given a meeting link to copy and send to attendees manually.

Select Participants

1. From the Select Participants page, select who will be invited to the meeting or add individuals not attached, via Add Contact.

2. Click the Review Invite button.

3. Review the invite and click Schedule Meeting & Invite Participants button.

The Meeting will be added to your Calloquy calendar, and invite emails will be sent. Participants can be added or removed once the meeting is scheduled, but invite emails cannot be unsent, so make sure to invite only those participants who should be invited.

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