Adding or Removing Participants from Table in Table View

Von'Taysha Jackson
Von'Taysha Jackson
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How to add or remove a participant from table view.


In the Arbitration (Coming Soon!), Deposition, and Mediation meeting types, the Table view that allows you to see both parties in opposition on opposite sides of the virtual table.

Table view will automatically populate on top with Arbitrators, Mediators, the Court Reporter, and the Translator. The sides of the table will automatically populate with both parties in the order that they joined the meeting. If a Paralegal or Counsel would like to change who is sitting at the table, they can do this manually for their respective party.

Add a Participant to Table in Table View

1. Select Table view in the top right corner of the meeting screen.

2. When in Table view, drag and drop the names of team members and add them to the table from the upper right sidebar.

Note: When adding participants to the table, they will be placed in order from top to bottom of the Table view.

     Remove a Participant in Table View

1. If you would like to remove participants from a seated position at the virtual table, hover over their names and click the More menu icon (three dots).

2. Select the Remove from table drop-down option.

Note: When users get transferred into breakout rooms all seats in the table including the opposing side are opened up a Paralegal or Counsel can drag and drop people in other open seats.

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