Scheduling a Calloquy Court Reporter for a Meeting

Bianca Worthy
Bianca Worthy
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Schedule a court reporter easily by starting from the Calloquy platform's dashboard. You can choose to either click one of the Schedule a Meeting buttons or navigate to the Cases page.




Schedule a Meeting button

1. From the Calloquy Application's dashboard, click the Schedule a Meeting button

2. Select a Case Name to be associated with the meeting




3. Type a Meeting Title in the field provided.

4. Choose a Deposition or Arbitration Meeting Type.

5. Select the date and time duration (in eastern standard time) of the meeting.

6. Select the Court Reporter option that fits your meeting's needs.

  • I want a Calloquy Court Reporter (request a Court Reporter through Calloquy).

*Note: If a Calloquy Court Reporter is requested, an unaffiliated Court Reporter participant will automatically be invited to the meeting.

  • I do not want a Calloquy Court Reporter (provide your own Court Reporter).
  • Schedule Later (schedule a Calloquy Court Reporter at a later time).

7. Include an Invite Description as necessary.

8. Click the Next button to proceed.

9. Indicate if the meeting will need to use Realtime Transcription viewer.

*Note: The Realtime Transcription viewer will allow you to view the Court Reporter transcript in real time on the platform. No additional fee for this service.




10. Choose whether the meeting's transcript needs to be expedited or not.

*Note: Our anticipated standard turnaround time is 7 business days. If you select 'Yes', we will contact you to determine the expedited nature of your request.

11. Check the box next to the statement, "I accept all fees associated with receiving Calloquy. Court Reporting services", indicating your acceptance.

12. Enter the Phone Number of the person of contact into the field provided.

13. Verify that the day of the week, date, and time for the meeting are correct.

14. Upload the Notice associated with the meeting, or select "I do not have a notice to upload" to email the notice to your customer success manager later.

15. Any information that you'd like to communicate with the court reporter, please include those notes into the Notes for Court Reporter box provided.

16. Click Next to begin adding participants to the meeting or Go Back to edit the meeting details.

17. Select your role in the meeting.




18. Click + Add Contact to invite additional participants to the meeting.

*Note: The opposing party's name will need to be added at the case level to populate while scheduling a meeting.

19. Provide the participant's information in the fields provided.

*Note: The participant's First Name and Last Name will populate after entering their email, if the participant has been added to the Calloquy Platform before.

20. Select the participant's role in the meeting.

21. Check the box next to "Save this person to the case for future involvement", if needed.




22. Click the Add button to include the participant in the meeting.

23. Repeat steps 18 - 22 to add more contacts to the meeting.

24. Click Review Invite to proceed.

25. Click Invite all participants in this case.




26. Select the Make Meeting Host radio button associated with the participant who will be the meeting host.

27. Click the Review Invite button to proceed.

28. Review the meeting details and participants included.

29. If all meeting details are accurate, click the Schedule Meeting & Invite Participants button.




30. Next, verify that the correct participants have been added to the meeting.

31. Click the Schedule Meeting and Invite Participants button.

32. Check the email you used to sign up for the Calloquy Platform to retrieve the meeting invitation.

33. Save the meeting to your calendar via the invite.ics file for ease of access to your tokenized link before your meeting time.




Cases page

  1. From the Calloquy Platform dashboard, click the Cases button located on the left side panel
  2. Select the case that will be associated with the meeting or click + Add New Case




3. Next to Your Case Meetings, click Schedule on the right side of the case details page



4. Repeat steps 3 - 33 from above to schedule the meeting




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