Manually Set Chrome Camera and Microphone Permissions

Austin Dryden
Austin Dryden
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Are you getting a "This meeting needs to use your microphone and camera." screen when attempting to join a meeting? Chrome might not have permission to access your camera and microphone. 

If you are unable to join a Calloquy meeting, and find yourself at this screen, you may need to manually allow permission for Calloquy to access your camera and microphone for Chrome. 



How to manually set camera and microphone permissions in Chrome

1. In the upper left corner of the Chrome browser, click the 3 stacked dots, and then select Settings

2. On the Chrome Settings page on the left side panel, click Privacy and Security.

3. On the Privacy and Security page, click Site Settings.

4. On the Site Settings page, click Camera.

5. Find the entry for Calloquy, and click the play button on the entry.

6. On the Permissions page, find the entry for Camera, and select Allow from the dropdown menu.

7. While still on the Permissions page, find the entry for Microphone, and select Allow from the dropdown menu.

8. Once you have manually set these permissions to Allow, go back to your meeting page and Refresh the page, and you should now be allowed to properly join your meeting.

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