Adding Participants to a Meeting

Bianca Worthy
Bianca Worthy
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Was a participant accidentally left off of the meeting invite by a client, counsel, or paralegal? Learn how to quickly add participants without leaving the meeting window. 



1. From the meeting window, select the Participants button located on the bottom toolbar.

2. Click + Add Participant under the Plaintiff, Unaffiliated Contacts, or Defendant party.

3. Type the participant's Email Address, First Name, and Last Name into the fields provided.

4. Select the appropriate Role for the participant from the options provided.

5. Click the Add Participant button, and a meeting invite with a secured meeting link will be emailed to the participant with tips on how to best join the meeting.

6. If the participant does not see the emailed meeting invite, click the participant's name, and a Resend Invitation button will appear for you to send the invitation again.

Note: Within minutes, the missing participant will be able to access the meeting directly from the link provided within the email and be seated in the appropriate position in Table view. Only the hosting (paid) Counsel or Paralegal/Legal Assistant can use this feature.



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